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Pasta Gentile Gragnano

The best example of Gragnano IGP production. Gentile is using a special technique called “method Cirillo” to produce its artisan delicious pasta.

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Casino di Caprafico

In the hill of Guardiachiele, Casino di Caprafico produce ancient grains such as Farro (Spelt, Emmer) and Hulled Barley as well as lentils and olive oil.
The artisan production of these special ingredients reach a unique point in the realization of Makaira pasta, mixed grains, ancient grain pastas.

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Forno Santa Rita

In the “ghost town” of Santa Rita, in the center of Sicily near Caltanissetta, a passionated artisan has done a miracle by producing traditional bread and pasta with Sicilian organic and ancient grains.


Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP

A cherry tomato with a unique flavor and a centuries-old history! 

‍We are in Campania, on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius: where the Piennolo Cherry Tomatoes are cultivated, and then collected in clusters and hanged from balconies in the characteristic shape of a piennolo (pendulum). One of the oldest and most typical products from Campania, which in 2009 obtained the Protected Designation of Origin.

Gentile Pomodoro del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP 550gr

Passata Pomodoro Siccagno Biologico

추가 성분없이 손으로 수확 한 유기 siccagno 토마토를 사용하여 독점적으로 생산했습니다. 사용하기 쉽고, 마늘이나 양파를 튀겨서 토마토 소스를 넣고 10 분 동안 소금과 설탕을 조금 더 첨가하십시오. 파스타를 요리하고 토마토 소스에 첨가하십시오.
성분 : 시카 그노 토마토
지역 : Valledolmo (팔레르모)
순중량 : 410g
분류 : 유기농 유기농
제조자 : Cooperativa Rinascita

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